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Life Protection

Are you well protected in case of any unforeseen events such as death, disability or critical illness? A significant number of Singaporeans are uninsured from major events like these. Let our consultants help you tailor solutions that are catered to meet your needs at different stages of life, and give your loved ones peace of mind in the knowledge that you have their needs well taken care of.

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Health Protection

Health is the most important aspect of life. Learning how to properly protect it is the key. Our consultants can advise you on how you can have access to adequate medical care along with the solution that caters to your health needs, budget and age, so that your family's financial burden is reduced.

Retirement Planning

Have you prepared a retirement plan for yourself? Are you aware of the cost of the ideal retirement lifestyle you wish to lead? Allow our consultants to assist you with the plan to determine the amount of retirement income you'll need to maintain your intended lifestyle for your golden years.


Every parent wants the best for their child. With the increase in tuition fees and competition, how much would it take for you to ensure your child goes through university? With the use of our proven strategies, our consultants will develop a personalised financial plan to cater to your needs to ensure that your child has the finances to complete his/her crucial university education.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of financial planning that encompasses estate creation, preservation and distribution. Through the execution of your will, trust and legacy planning, your family will be erased of managing your financial and legal affairs, and your estate will be bequeathed to the beneficiaries according to your intention.

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Wealth Management

Optimal wealth management is an indispensable skill that everyone should possess. By taking into consideration of your objective, risk tolerance and financial position, our consultants will craft a unique and ideal strategy to help you achieve optimal results, one that suits you in every way.

General Protection

Ensure that your house, car and other valuable assets are safeguarded against unexpected events of fire, theft or damage. Have your overseas travel and vacation worry free with adequate travel protection. Be assured with a peace of mind with our diverse range of general insurance products.



Saving for your future dreams or goals? Make your hard earned cash work for you, to achieve your dream of getting married, owning a house, or going on vacation. We have the expertise and experience to make your savings work for you and bring your goals to fruition.

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Commercial Business Protection

Whether you run a small or large enterprise, it is crucial to ensure your business interests and assets are secured against unforeseen circumstances, such as natural calamities, public and professional liabilities, work injuries, fraudulent acts, and key executives protection. We offer the expertise and specific coverage for all your business needs.


Being the Largest FA Firm in Singapore, Great Eastern Financial Advisers has a wide network of partners to provide our clients with a complete suite of financial products and solutions that cater to their various needs in protection, risk and wealth management. Our GEFA Partners include OCBC Bank, Great Eastern Life as well as different General Insurance companies and iFAS platform.