Julian Lee & Associates provides constant training for our advisors and staff to ensure the  quality and relevance of their skills. Associates and staff undergo basic courses on Leadership and People Management, Business Management and Service Excellence.

Under the Leadership and People Management course, training is provided for employees and advisors to help boost their interpersonal communication skills. In addition, we have personal mentorship to groom potential advisors into leadership position[s]

Business Management

Under [For] the Business Management course, [we provide] training is provided for advisors to enhance their sales and marketing skills [in order to market different kinds of products]Advisors will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of proven systems, allowing them to [We have proven systems that allows [have helped] our advisors] build successful business model within the shortest possible time period.

At our Centre for Excellence, our staff and advisors are trained in service excellence [including] which includes problem solving skills for customer related issues. We have full time and contracted trainers who will share with you the best class training module that equip you with life-long skills, knowledge and attitude.

Service Excellence 


Training For Interns

Julian Lee & Associates also provides training for interns to broaden their perspective of the working world and to help them pick up new skills that are beneficial for their future careers. [Many] Numerous good feedback and letters of appreciation were received about our hands-on internship programme, which is both rigorous and fun to participate [work] with. They enjoyed [our] the mentorship [by] of the senior advisors and managers.


Leadership & People Management

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