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Fred Choo 

HR Executive


Julian Lee & Associates 

200 Changi Road #03-01 

Singapore 419734 

Tel:  (65) 6417 6242 

Fax: (65) 6417 6374 

Hp:  (65) 9029 6768 



Julian Lee & Associates offers internship opportunities to potential students who are willing to learn and get in touch with the financial services industry. Always passionate in nurturing the younger generation, our director, Julian, believes that youths who are given good guidance and opportunities has the potential to excel in their own ways.


Through the provision of various learning opportunities, we are committed to offering an enriching internship experience to develop our interns professionally and personally in the financial services environment. The ultimate purpose of this opportunity is to allow interns to apply their academic knowledge in practical situations, develop essential skills for the real business world and to prepare them for a smoother transition into the work force in the near future. Many interns have expressed that they benefited from the internship and close mentorship, be it about the financial services industry or advices on their life learning journey. Please click the relevant buttons to for more information on this exciting opportunity!















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Internship Opportunities


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