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Does the idea of being an entrepreneur and having financial freedom seems tempting to you? If it does, this may be the start of an exciting journey for you! No more 9-5 jobs, no more being at the mercy of your fixed monthly pay, limited bonuses and subjective increments. This pathway will allow you to dictate your life the way you want it to be. With our comprehensive training and resources, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to maximise your potential and enrich your personal and professional growth. Our enterprising culture empowers our consultants to develop their own business models while being given the necessary crucial training, guidance and support to ensure the success of their own business units. There is no limit to their growth, thus consultants are empowered to reap the deserved full rewards based on their own efforts.

Do contact us to enquire more about this rewarding career. Take up the challenge to transform your life and make a difference to those around you by helping them achieve financial well-being and quality of life.

Join us, if you share the same aspiration with us of empowering lives. You will realise how much you will learn and grow in being able to help others meaningfully, as you build a highly rewarding and satisfying career that is truly your own.


Fred Choo 

HR Executive 


Julian Lee & Associates

200 Changi Road #03-01 

Singapore 419734 

Tel:  (65) 6417 6242 

Fax: (65) 6417 6374 

Hp:  (65) 9029 6768 




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