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One of the strengths in our leadership is in empowering our associates and developing them to their fullest potential with our proven platform. With ample opportunities and guidance, we provide challenges for our associates and leaders to grow and develop their necessary independence, strength and personal competencies so that they can apply their talents effectively. Management support is always there, guiding and inspiring the leaders cope with demands of the broader environment. The key strength of the group is in maintaining a climate of optimism and vibrancy that binds all together and supporting the growth of each individual consultant and leader.

If you are interested in the leadership path, come and talk to us to see how you can grow with us to realise your potential.

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Executive Senior Managers, Thng Wei Hao (Rep no. TWH300194402) and Marcus Tham (Rep no. TKT200098250) from Julian Lee & Associates, celebrating their achievements at S.E.A. Appreciation & Awards Night 2019.


We are proud of the achievements of Ms Yvonne Quah (Rep no. NYX30000228) from Julian Lee & Associates for being awarded GE Top Manager 2018. She has recently attained Directorship in January 2019 and is now heading her own team, Yvonne Quah and Associcates, as she continues to lead them soar greater heights. Heartiest Congratulations to Yvonne!