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Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings Limited and a member of OCBC Group. It is licensed under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services.



Julian Lee & Associates is a dynamic group of dedicated financial consultants representing our principal company Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limted (GEFA). We are committed to providing professional financial services and solutions to our clients to ensure their financial well-being. Our other focus is to develop aspiring individuals and groom potential leaders to be the best in the field. 


The agency prides itself on its young and vibrant culture of excellence. Our Director Julian’s belief in empowerment and mentorship has effectively developed his team of managers, comprising of Marcus Tham (Rep No. TKT200098250), Queenie Ang (Rep No.ACS200091498 ), Thng Wei Hao (Rep No. TWH300194402), Clara Thiam (Rep No. CTY200100455) who are each building their own teams of consultants. Most recently in January 2019, our former Associate Director Yvonne Quah (Rep No. NYX300000228) has attained Directorship on the nineth year of her career under the guidance of Julian. We build our agency through promotion of the MDRT spirit – the spirit of creativity, responsibility and embracing challenges with resilience.

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Our Senior Director, Financial Services, Julian Lee (Rep No. LSL200081560), a lauded veteran in financial planning, believes in providing holistic financial services that serve the clients’ best interests. He is greatly valued by clients, associates and colleagues alike for his wealth of knowledge and experience, his inspiring leadership, his devotion to the profession as well as his affable personality. Always striving for excellence as a producer, Julian has achieved the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Court of The Table (COT), among other awards such as the Executive Entre-Planner Award.


Julian believes that every individual has the potential to excel in their own ways if given the appropriate guidance and opportunities for development. Invigorated by his passion of nurturing our younger generation, he took up the path of agency management and attained Directorship in 2012, heading a group of managers and financial consultants. Under his leadership, the agency has become one of the fastest expanding agencies in Great Eastern at present and was awarded the Top 3 Recruiting Director for 2018.



The team of managers that lead our agency are highly professional and knowledgeable in the area of financial planning and services. With their vast experience in sales and leadership, they have been a joy to work with according to colleagues, companies and clients. The team has been accorded with various company and international awards, ranging from Great Eastern Life Entre-planner Award, Top Director Award, Top Manager Award and GE Achievers Club to the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Court of the Table (COT), and the Singapore Management Awards. They are passionately committed to the development of potential Starr producers and leaders, being firm believers of continuous learning and training.



Our associates dare to be different and to make a difference in their lives, as well as the lives of others. Young and energetic, they are ever-eager to learn and are adaptable, motivated and diligent. They have a strong commitment to providing exemplary customer service as much as they are supportive of each other’s endeavours. Many of them have also achieved notable producer awards and swift career progression within their first few years with us. This includes Top Financial Consultant in GEFA, Top Regular Premium Producer and Top Rookie Consultant in 2018.

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Building the right team is critical for the agency's success

Retaining talented people is essential for long-term growth

Upgrading of knowledge and skills to remain competent in the fast changing industry


Formed in 2008 as a strategic branding and differentiation apart from other groups and agencies, STARR Financial Advisor's management team of Directors has had more than 10 years of working relationship, building up trust, understanding and coherence as a group. As part of our mission to support and groom young leaders, systems are put in place to provide opportunities for managers to lead initiatives and activities. Regular meetings between directors and managers are held to discuss strategic directions, plans and activities to improve overall productivity and growth.